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As part of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, the children will be participating in some mindfulness activities and learning some strategies to use when feeling worried or anxious.  Please can your child bring a small cuddly toy to school with them on Wednesday. 

Background information

Mindfulness requires a stillness of brain and body. It takes practice and for some young children staying still or quiet can be too much of a challenge. Young children are naturally curious. When you see a child absorbed in play, they are being mini mindful masters! Mindfulness is about being ‘in the moment’ and focusing completely on what you are currently doing. It can be a great way to help children learn to pause and think before reacting.

Training our mind to be strong, calm and focused can make it easier to cope with worries and difficult times whether we are an adult or a child. It does take practice and if someone practises using it when they feel calm, it can make it easier to use the skills when they feel anxious or upset.