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D & T Home Learning

Would you like the challenge of turning those materials you would normally send out in your recycling, into something that you can design, build and test? If the answer is yes then click on the link below to find weekly D & T challenges the whole family can enjoy. Don't forget to send us your photographs of the design and make process and of course the end result.  
Click on the link below to find free D & T home learning resources and activities for 5-11 years old. 




Can you skewer a balloon without popping it? Coat a nail in copper? What happens when you plug a clock into a potato?


Well look no further, click on the link below to find challenges designed specifically for children by Dyson engineers.


Encourage your inquisitive mind, let's get excited about engineering!

Cooking and Nutrition
To support remote home learning, 'Food a fact for life' have created a range of ideas, activities and resources to support learning around food, cooking, healthy eating, and where food comes from. Click on the link below to find exciting and challenging activity ideas and resources for children ages 3 to 16 years old.