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Monday - WALT use images to create elements of poetry
Begin by showing the children image 1: Children mind-map all the things they can see - animals, objects, scenery, etc.
Next - Pick 5 of the objects
Children note these down in their books and write 5 sounds that match each of the objects. 
E.G. Duck - quacking

Next, explain the part of that object is making the sound, e.g the swish of the grass sounds ____________
Can children use similes to further describe the sounds?
The swish of the grass was as loud as ______________
The ripples within the water sound like _____________

How do these sounds make you feel?

Show children image 2 – children come up with 3 descriptive sentences, all about the sounds that they might hear if they were in that setting.
Tuesday - WALT explore the structure of the sound collector poem
Starter - Think about your own sounds that you will use in your poem.
Listen to sounds that you might hear in the jungle.
Fill in the worksheet.
Your poem will be all about the sounds you hear in the jungle.

Jungle Natural Sound

Tuesday - Starter worksheet

Tuesday - Boxing up worksheet

Wednesday - WALT use the structure and features learnt to create a whole class poem
(Shared write - This poem will be all about sounds you might hear at the beach)


Day At The Beach

Day At The Beach byTom Booth

- List as many things as you can that you might find at the beach as you can.
- List as many sounds as you can that you might hear at the beach.

In class, each child will be writing their own line to our beach sounds poem. 

Thursday - WALT write our own poem all about sound
-Our sound collector: Write some adjectives to describe what your sound collector looks like and is like – e.g. hair, height, dress, personality.
Friday - WALT write our poems again, using our best handwriting.
- Begin by purple pen editing: editing spellings, punctuation, adding adjectives etc.
- Children write their poems again in pen.
- Children draw one of their sounds on big A3 paper (using crayons) 

Writing up work into best