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Summer - Week 1

This week we're doing activities around Marshmallows, unfortunately not the tasty treat but a short film embedded below. 


Watch the film clip and have a got at doing one (or more, if you're feeling inspired!) of the tasks below:


Task 1: Describe the camp site

Start by watching the film and write down as many nouns that you can see (remember to teach your adults what a noun is) e.g trees, lake, grass.

Then have a go at describing them with a little more detail e.g. thick, looming trees, a rippling lake with the moon swimming in it's center; twirling grass. If you're feeling fancy, you could see if your house has a thesaurus and use some new words. 

Finally can you put it together and describe the site as the little boy? Will it look beautiful to him or will it look scary? If you want an extra challenge you could have a go at describing it as the monster afterwards. Will he see the campsite in the same way? 


Task 2: Newspaper report

The boy survives! Phew! He gets back home and tells his sister or brother, a budding journalist, all about it. They decide to write a newspaper report all about the strange evening. Can you have a go at writing that report? Try to include a quote using inverted commas. Make sure you're using the inverted commas correctly

(start with the inverted comma, then comes the capital letter and the rest of the speech, finish with the punctuation to end the sentence and the last inverted comma: "Just like this!")


Task 3: Wanted poster

That creepy creature really can't get away with scaring children in the forest... It's just not on! Create a wanted poster for the beast. Make sure you describe what he looks like accurately so everyone knows what to look out for. You might want to include some similes just so the description is really clear e.g. his eyes are like golden pennies


Task 4: What happens next? 

What do you think happens next? Do you feel sorry for the creature? Will you help him hunt for a new tasty treat? Or do you think he needs capturing? Could a super hero help the boy? Maybe our friend Eliot makes a return! Have a go at writing a sequel to this spooky campsite story. Try to include some interesting descriptions, inverted commas for speech and adverbials of time. If you can't remember what an adverbial of time is, I've put a powerpoint below, have a look to remind yourself. 



Marshmallows - a short film

Fronted adverbial powerpoint - focus on the adverb of time but if you're interested you're welcome to read about the others as well.