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The Stone Age Boy read by Teacher Sabina


Lesson 1 - WALT explore the story setting in “Stone Age Boy"

Begin by reading/ listening to the story "The Stone Age Boy". Today we are going to focus on the story setting. Fill in the sheet below by using your senses - pretend you are the boy in the book to help you fill in the answers to the questions.

Lesson 1 - Boxing up senses worksheet

Lesson 2 - WALT: use our knowledge to write descriptively about the stone age.


Begin by using the Powerpoint slides - concentrating on nouns. 

Lesson 2 - Activity: Use the paper to write a letter to a person of your choice, taking on the role of "The Boy" in the Stone Age boy.  Pretending you are The Boy, explain what you saw on your adventure and all the things you learnt about.

Remember to describe the setting and all of the things you saw, using lots of interesting adjectives. Use the work you did at the beginning of the lesson to help. 


Dear ______________,
I fell through a hole and let me tell you all about it...

Lesson 2 - Paper for letter writing

Lesson 3 - WALT plan our own setting for a portal story – setting writing focus

In this lesson we are preparing to write about our own story setting. 

Starter - To begin, the children will need to think of as many different story settings as they can and write these around the mind map. A story setting is where the story takes place, for example: the beach, the jungle and so on.