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This week we are basing our work around the story of 'Brian Bear's Picnic!' 

Begin by reading or listening to the story then use the pack to carry out the activities. There are clear instructions on each page. 


Fill in the sticky notes to write about the story page 5. 


Who said what? page 6. If you complete this and would like to carry out another activity, see page 11 'Going on a Picnic'. 


Exploring words together page 8. This is a great opportunity to use a dictionary to look up words and or online to find the definitions of the words and collective nouns. 


Retelling the story page 9. You could use the map and talk through the story, draw your own story map or write the story. It would be excellent if you could use the time conjunctions on the sheet just like when we wrote our Christmas instructions at school and earlier this week when you wrote your picnic lists. 


You can either finish your story from yesterday or edit the postcard on page 14 because Curtis, Bertha and Gertie have forgotten their capital letters and full stops. 


If you complete these activities and would like to carry out some more, there are some wonderful writing ideas within the pack as well as some baking and learning about the history of teddy bears. You will find a contents list on page 2 of the pack. 


Please use the 'quiz time' page 7 as our comprehension work for this week.  



PowerPoint explaining and showing collective nouns