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Biodiversity Champions! A huge well done to our budding ecologists who took part in last week's Biodiversity Challenge! The creations are making their way into our nature garden. I particularly loved 'Bugingham Palace'! Genius!

Today we celebrated the Art work across our school which looked amazing! Thank you to Mrs Still our Art Subject Leader for her excellent leadership of this subject and also to our Art Subject Governor, Mrs Bass, for visiting assembly today.


Year 1 learnt about the sculptor Mark Quinn and used his artwork as inspiration to make their own flower sculptures. They then learnt about Vincent Van Gogh and followed step by step instructions to make their own paintings of Sunflowers.


Year 2 looked at the work of William Morris who was born in 1834 and died in 1896. His patterns were inspired by nature and you can see flowers, leaves, birds and animals in his designs. They made printing blocks with their designs and then carefully applied the paint every time, before printing onto the paper.


In Year 3, children have been learning about Impressionism. They did some sketching and then used the impasto technique. This involves thick paint alongside the broken colour effect. Examples are hatching, cross-hatching and stippling or dabbing. They drew their impression of the field in the morning and then again in the afternoon to see if anything had changed, while focusing on the light.


Year 4 learned about the use of myths by the Pre-Raphaelites. They used bright, bold colours and portrayed people naturally. Children explored the art of Rubens who painted myths. He sketched using trois crayon - which means three colour. Children then created their own art work in the style of the Pre-Raphaelites using Viking Mythology.


Year 5 have been studying Retro Futurism. Retro Futurism refers to how predictions of the future were depicted in an earlier era. They started their unit of work by analysing and evaluating retro futuristic space images using artistic language. Children then used different mixing techniques to create different tones and looked at complimentary and contrasting colours. From this, they used different paint drip techniques and oil pastels to create art work inspired by Futurism.


Year 6 started their topic by looking at repeated patterns. They designed their own, drawing images that related to their own interests and hobbies. Children then looked at Maya art, linked to their History topic. They then finished by creating their own Maya art and reproducing it on binca. Children used a variety of stitches to complete the design.

Kendra and Frankie enjoyed trying out our new book nook! They found it very cosy!

A visit from Cllr Doreen Anderson Town Mayor, Cllr Elaine Harvey Deputy Town Mayor, and Cllr John Anderson to judge our Coronation display.

Winning entries from our recent poetry competition

Thank you to Mrs Barker in our kitchen for providing our Year 6 children with a hearty breakfast each morning of this week, before they started their SATs! It smelt and looked delicious!

Ivy from Reception and Rose from Year 2 helped out at Hadleigh Farm as part of the 'Big Help Out' for the King's Coronation celebrations.

Maypole workshop - playing the accordion!

Maypole dancing workshops

Coronation Celebration Afternoon

A very special Coronation crown design by Nancy in our Reception class with the theme of 'Recycle and Bee Responsible'!

St Katherine's Coronation displays

Reception children on their visit to Boydells Dairy Farm

Our Reception children taking part in the 'Learn to Ride' workshops

Rev. Marion leading worship this morning: Leaders Who Inspire Us

Holi workshop and colour festival

KS1 choir performing in morning worship

Well done Arthur-John for your fantastic poster!

Summer holidays 2020

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Easter homework 2020 - Easter gardens

Gift Day

Residential Tuesday 2

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