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Amazing Bodies

Over the next few weeks we're going to do some activities to learn about our amazing bodies. You don't have to do all the activities, do what is best for you. I've attached some powerpoints to explain each task with a little more detail. 

Task 1 - Desert Island survival! 

You're stranded on a desert island - OH NO! What will you need to survive? It's lucky that you're all survival experts. Have a read of the information on the powerpoint and have a go at creating a survival poster or booklet to help other deserted souls to survive! 

Task 2 - What we need to eat

In this task I want you to investigate the types of food our bodies need. Use the powerpoint to guide your learning and pick which resources you want to use to help you. 


You don't have to print the sheets out, just use them to help you get and idea of the sort of thing to do. 

Extension - Investigate what nutrients the body needs and what happens if you don't get them!

Task 3 - How does a skeleton work

In this task you're going to investigate what a skeleton is and how it works. Start by looking through the powerpoint. 

Did you know that some animals have skeletons inside their bodies (vertebrates) and some do not (invertebrates)? Have a look at the animals on the sheet and investigate which are vertebrates and which are invertebrates. After that, use the Internet to research out how one of the invertebrates moves and how it protects itself. 


Extension challenge: Write ten questions you would like to ask about skeletons and then see if you can answer them! 

Task 4 - Design a new vertebrate

Start by looking at the powerpoint. You're now going to design your own vertebrate. Think carefully about how it will move, feed and protect itself from danger. 

Step 1: Draw your vertebrate's body

Step 2: Carefully place a second piece of paper over the top, draw an appropriate skeleton. First draw the back bone and then the legs, remember to keep the limbs in the correct place. Next draw the tail and wings (if you need them). Think about the parts of the body where a joint might be, draw a dot or a cross on those locations. 


Can you label the main features of it's body? e.g. head, tail, wings, body.

Can you also label the main features of it's skeleton? e.g. skull, backbone, ribs, tailbone

Extension challenge: Can you explain how it escapes predators and gets its food?