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Last week you learned about Boudicca, a Celtic leader who was unhappy about the Romans ruling Britain. But who were the Romans?


Task 1: Answer the question - Why did the Romans come to Britain in the first place? 


Use the links below to research the question. 


Task 2: How did the Romans live?

Investigate what a Roman house looked like. Have a go at drawing, using Lego, craft materials, playdough or using a computer program such as Paint or Minecraft, to create a Roman house. 


Use the links below to find out more information.


Task 3: What was life like in Roman Britain?

Would you have liked to live in Roman Britain? Use the link below to find out what life was like. Have a go at writing a diary entry pretending to be a Roman. You can choose to be a child, an adult or a soldier. 


Task 4: What did the Romans ever do for us? 


Were the Romans good for Britain? Yes you say?! Pfft I don't believe you...


Persuade me that they were! You can create a poster or a persuasive letter to persuade me that the Romans were good for Britain. Investigate using the links below.