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Fun stuff!

Fancy a tiger in your living room - give a bear a hug! Follow these instructions:

Log into and choose an animal (not all animals work but horses, bears, tigers, penguins do)!

Once the google search brings up all the images of your animal, you will need to scroll down the page until you see 'view in 3D' where you will meet a life-sized version close up. Click on it. It will immediately switch to camera view and will ask you to move the camera round a little so it can adjust to its surroundings. After a few moments, your chosen animal should appear in your home - I had a penguin in my kitchen last night while I cooked dinner!

Don't give up, it may not work first time!

Send me your results and I'll upload them.smiley

Shadow Drawing - perfect for this sunshine - send me your version!

Hi chaps!

Just thought I'd add some fun stuff too - Mrs McCann has given us some great ideas for things to keep us occupied!


Here goes:

  • 30 Day Lego Challenge - a free printable LEGO challenge from
  • Create a habitat for your rainforest animal - shoe or cereal box and anything you can muster up indoors and outdoors!
  • 7 day BIRD WATCH and make a bird feeder - CBeebies have some great ideas.
  • Make your own Solar System with a metal coat hanger to hang your planets from! Research each planet and make a little fact file.
  • Research a topic and create a scrap book about it - it could be a country, an artist, a style of music, a famous scientist/inventor/musician. If you decide to do a country, remember to include its flag, cuisine, national flower/emblem/symbol, population, capital city, climate, animals, national sport, most famous people and lots more!
  • Design a board game with instructions for WET PLAYS!
  • Do some origami or book folding (instructions on line).
  • Do some cooking! Take some pictures!
  • Keep a diary - there's a great app called iDairy For Kids (check with parents/carers first!)