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In Year 3, children learn to use "a" or "an" correctly. I have uploaded some different activities to complete, as well as worksheets. I have also added some helpful videos. 

When to use a or an:
If the word starts with a consonant sound, then ‘a’ should be used (for example, ‘a rock’). If the word  starts with a vowel sound, then ‘an’ should be used (for example, ‘an ice-cream’).

Many children will already know this by Year 3 and use these instinctively when they talk. The challenge is to remember to use the right combination in their writing.
Words beginning with an unstressed ‘h’ can also be tricky to remember (for example, ‘an hour’ or ‘an honest man’)

"A and An Song" - English Lesson for "A and An" - Rockin' English

A song teaching when to use the articles "a" and "an."

Using a or an PPT

A or An - Mini test, how did you do? :)