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History Home Learning

Week 10 and 11. History Home Learning. 

The Great Fire of London Lesson Sequence. (To follow the Magic Grandad)

Additional resources to support writing.

Week beginning 23rd November, 2020.


I hope you have been enjoying The Great Fire of London activities so far laugh.

For the next lot of activities you might want to re-watch The Magic Grandad, or look at the Power Points again.

You can print the Timeline Activity, or draw and label your own. It's up to you laugh.

The Mystery Box Activity is just for fun. Ask your adult to email me your answer. I will bring the box into school when we come back.

The Diary Quiz has 3 different levels. Ask your grown up to choose which one they think is best. You might want them to read it with you. I can't wait to hear how you did laugh.

Good luckyes.

If you head over to the Reading Home Learning page, there's an extra story you can read with a grown up;

"Sammy the Street Dog". It's a story about The Great Fire from the view of a dog. I think you will like it yes.