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Our history topic is The Canvey Flood of 1953.

Lesson 1: We are learning to sequence events in local history.

Watch the Youtube clip and use the information to sequence the pictures.

Lesson 2: We are learning to use artefacts, pictures, stories and online sources to find out about the past.

Read the following:


In 1622, a wealthy landowner, Sir Henry Appleton, advised his Dutch friend that Canvey Island was a good place for people to develop and live on- lots of open space for crops and near the sea and rivers for fishing. They feared that if someone didn’t save the island it would disappear into the sea. What could they do to save it?

They asked a Dutch engineer; Cornelius Vermuyden to design a wall around the island to protect it from the sea. He brought 300 skilled labours (men) from Holland to build the wall. Most of these men decided to stay and make Canvey their new home for themselves and their families.

The island thrived through farming fishing, labouring and smuggling!

With an adult, research Cornelius Vermuyden. What can you find out about him?


There are some remaining Dutch cottages on Canvey. You might have noticed them. Watch the Youtube link; Canvey Island Dutch Cottage Tour. Make a mind map of things that you notice in the cottage. What interesting artefacts did you notice? What questions do you have about some of the objects inside the cottage.