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You've Got Dragons


This is an excellent book for approaching worries and fears with the children.  I expect many children and adults alike, have had some concerns about returning to school or work. This is natural and to be expected, especially after such a strange year !

The story follows Ben, and how he copes with his everyday worries, fears and scary feelings, which show up as Dragons.  Bringing to life how it feels when, in the blink of an eye, your world becomes a scary place. This is a creative narrative about how he conquers, tames, and manages them.


Dragons and monsters can be a great metaphor for children, helping them talk and draw about their worries and scary feelings. During the ELSA sessions in school, we help the child  visualise their ‘problem dragon’ through the creative medium of their choice, drawing, play-dough, painting or lego etc. Externalising and creating ‘their dragon’, allows our anxieties  to appear a little less scary and overwhelming.  



You’ve got Dragons

by Kathy Cane and illustrated by Nick Maland.

(ISBN 978-099310-781-8)