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Justice week

WALT: Understand the importance of Justice.


Justice week


This week is Justice week. Justice week exists to improve access to justice by making sure that everyone knows what it is. It is also important that we know about the rule of law so that we understand why laws are important to our society. 


Start by reading through the powerpoint to help you understand what Justice is. 

Lesson powerpoint

Independent activity

You can choose to do one of the activities below. you can either print off the worksheet, type straight onto it or write your answers on a separate sheet of paper.


Activity choice 1.

pages 1 and 2 of the worksheet

Think about what a world with no laws would look like. Use the questions on the worksheet to prompt your thinking.


Extension: If you'd like you can have a go at writing a diary entry that describes a day in your lawless world. Would it be any different to a day in our world? Would you like it? Or would it be challenging? 


Activity 2. 

page 3 of the worksheet

Do you think our world could be a better place? What law could help improve the quality of your life? Use the worksheet prompts to help you come up with a new law and the arguments you might need to persuade an MP that the law is needed. 


Activity 3. 

This is an extension to activity 2


Write a letter to your local MP explaining what your new law is and why you think it is important. If you feel really passionate you can send this to our MP - Rebecca Harris. Remember, in the past classes from our school have been able to make a change by getting some more bins on Canvey. You might be able to persuade Rebecca Harris to make a real change to our country.