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Lesson 1

Here is lesson 1, you have a lesson plan, slides to use as a discussion resource and then a selection of worksheets to choose from. You do not need to use the worksheets, you could just use your own paper. 

Obviously in class, this would have been carried out as a large group, we would have made a pictogram and graphs but instead, perhaps you could ask some family members or friends what their favourite fruits and vegetables are. 

Lesson 2 is based on looking closely at the different fruits and vegetables, using words to describe how they look and what they taste like. 

Again, you do not need to print the resources, you could use the pictures to look at and discuss then use any fruits that you have at home to investigate. 

Lesson 3 is about preparing food. You could perhaps prepare a lunch or dinner together, using the different methods suggested in the lesson. To evaluate, you can print the worksheets or use these to talk through your evaluation and then write it on paper. Please do send me some photos as I would love to see what you have made.