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Lesson 1 - How to make a mummy

WALT: Investigate how and why the body was prepared for burial

Today we're learning about ancient Eygptian burials.

Start by looking at the powerpoint. When it prompts you to look at the video stop the powerpoint and come back to this screen to watch the youtube clip below. 


How to make an Ancient Egyptian mummy

Dont' forget to make notes as you watch the film.

If you time you can have a go at the extension and make a canopic jar. If you don't have any air dry clay at home you could use play dough or have a go at making your own dough like you used to do in reception. Flour + salt +water = salt dough (it goes hard if you bake it in the oven). Or you could draw a picture of the heads and stick them on top instead :). 


If you make these, make sure you bring it in or a take a picture to share with the rest of us!