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Lesson 1 - Questioning a text

WALT: Question a text

If you haven't already watch the TED talk where Redo talks about his life. 


Then read through the page from our 'I am not a label' book. As you're reading, write down any words that you don't know. After you've read, use a dictionary to look up the meaning. If you don't have a dictionary, follow the link below to an online dictionary or ask an adult to explain what the words mean. 


(today's next task is at the bottom of the page underneath the art work showing Redo dancing)


Unfortunately, in my haste to photocopy this sheet I did it upside down surprise. Ask an adult to help you spin it around using the tools on the top of the page.

  • If you're using a PDF programme you have to click  'view' and then click 'rotate view'.
  • If you're looking at it in your web browser click on the circular arrow in the top corner of the page until the document is the right way up. 

Today's task 

There are no comprehension's about Redo out there on the Internet! Believe my I have looked. I think he's too interesting a role model for people not to learn more about so I want you to help.


I would like you write some comprehension questions about the text from the I am not a label book, that challenge people to read closely. 


Try to write 10 questions.


  • Some of your questions should be retrieval questions, where your reader has to find the fact in the text e.g. When was Redo born? These sorts of questions encourage readers to look closely and find key words.
  • Some of your questions should encourage people to read a little bit closer and infer meaning. We spoke about inference last week. It means using the clues in the text to work out the answer. These questions should have a longer answer. 
  • If you want to extend yourself, you could have a go at writing one or two questions about the TED talk. This will encourage your audience to listen carefully to what Redo says about his life. 


It would be great to see some of your comprehensions later this week. If  you bring them in, we could photocopy them for the rest of the class to have a go at answering.