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Lesson 4

WALT: Use shading in art

Today we're going to start by exploring shading using a pencil or a pen. Start by looking through the powerpoint then have a practice using the sheet as inspiration. 


Charlie Mackery used different methods to create shading in his work, including water colour paints! There is lots of examples of shading with a pen or cross hatching though. 


I'd like you to create a picture in his style now, you can either look at the pictures below or look at the story on the English page.


Can you pick your favourite saying? You can magpie from Charlie or you could use one of your own. Write the saying in beautiful handwriting and then draw an illustration to accompany it. You must include one of the characters from the book and an example of shading and line that you have learned from the last two lessons. 


I'd love to see some of your art work, please share this with me once it's done - I'd like to be inspired!