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Lesson 4 - Life in Ancient Egypt

WALT: Investigate what life was like for normal people in Ancient Egypt.


Today we're going to learn about what life was like for every day people in Ancient Egypt. 

Start by looking at the PDF document called Lesson 5 (it should be a powerpoint but it was too big to upload!). After you've had a go at the warm up game 'Beat the Adult'. The PDF document will prompt you to look at the BBC webpage link. 


I'd like you to read about life in Ancient Egypt, you can have a go at the games on the page too. Then go back to the PDF and have a look at the pictures on there. Can you recognise what is happening? If not, can you find out? 


At the end of the PDF there is a challenge to compare your life with the life of people in Ancient Egypt. You could have a go at completing this on a piece of paper. I'd love for you to bring this work in at the end of the mini-lockdown. 


As an extra challenge, can you pretend you live in Ancient Egypt? Have a go at writing a diary about your day. What sorts of things did you get up to? What did you eat or wear? What did you do?