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Letters from the Lighthouse

Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

CHOOSE FROM THESE TASKS - these are all based on what we have read so far.


1. Using a map of England, find six suitable places to evacuate children to in World War II. Calculate the time it would take to get to these, from Limehouse Railway Station or Stratford Railway Station as these were closest to Bow where Olive and Cliff lived. Claculate the cost of the journey too.


2. Create a postcard from Olive or Cliff (both sides of the postcard - picture and writing) from the Budmouth Point Lighthouse. The postcard will be sent to Mum or Gloria describing how and why they are now living with Ephraim. Mum's address is 16 Fairfoot Road, Bow, London (Gloria lived next door).


3. Imagine the lighthouse at Budmouth Point (google one if you can't remember) and design some ways of camouflaging it to stop the Luftwaffe using it as a guide to Plymouth. Draw and annotate your camouflage designs.


4. Research and then make a fact file about the KINDERTRANSPORT.


5. Draw the inside of a lightouse, showing the different rooms and what they were used for - imagine the front of the lighthouse has been removed so  you can see inside. Annotate your design with notes and colour it!


6. Create your own secret code and send a message to me using it! I may have to ask you for some help decoding it!


7. Make a fact file about the job of a lighthouse keeper.


8. Find out about the author Emma Carroll at

(link below)


9. Write a list of questions Olive would like to ask Sukie - have a go at answering them as if you were Sukie.


10. Design a World War II poster - you have seen so many examples now - maybe about 'careless talk' or persuading parents to evacuate their children or 'make do and mend' or an idea of your own.