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This week our learning is based on the story 'The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet' by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. You may have this book at home but if you haven't don't worry, just click on the link below to listen to the story. 

Monday-Read/listen to the story 'The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet'.


If you went to Space what would you take with you? Write down up to ten things you would take with you if you went to Space. Use your 'Fred Fingers' to write the words. Don't forget to write your letters in the correct way!

Tuesday-Practise your scissor skills with these two space themed activities.
Wednesday-Watch 'Alphablocks - Letters in Space' then read the simple sentences. Don't forget to 'Fred Talk' the words if you need to and to spot those tricky words. You can choose between dinosaurs or Space or both! 
Thursday-Label the pictures from the story. (There are no wrong answers-you could write boy, astronaut, dinosaur, Mum, red rocket, space ship, planet, Moon etc.)

Friday-Calling all Paleontologists, today you are going to get creative! Choose from the following activities.


  1. Flatten your Playdough making sure it is not too thin.
  2. Create a Dinosuar skeleton impression with pasta by gently pushing the dried pasta into the Playdough.
  1. Draw an outline of a dinosaur lightly using a pencil or use the printed dinosaur.
  2. Glue the around the lines of the dinosaur.
  3. Choose the dried pasta and stick it on the lines, pretending the pasta pieces are the dinosaur bones.


If you enjoyed this week's story, there are more books in the series for you to enjoy. 
Listen to Tom Fletcher read his stories by clicking on the links below.