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As well as learning the letter sounds it is important that children know the letter names (alphabet) too.


Sing the alphabet. (There are lots of different children's alphabet songs on youtube) 



Practise your scissor skills by cutting and sticking the letters of the alphabet and sticking them in the correct order. 
Practise your letter formation. Click on the links below for resources to help with this.

Happy New Year Everyone


Practise writing the 10 letters h, a, p, y, n, e, w, r, v, o using your best St Katherine's handwriting. 


Can you think of any words that start with any of the 10 letters (h, a, p, y, n, e, w, r, v, o) How many did you get?



Rhyming Words

Story Time 


Choose a a story to be read to you or log on to CBeebies for an online story. Lots of authors are reading stories online to support children learning at home.