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This week our learning is based on the story 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson. You may have this book at home but if you haven't don't worry, just click on the link below to watch the short film. 

After sharing the story or watching the film talk about each of the places the whale took the snail to. Draw a story map showing all the places the snail visits.

Watch the YouTube clip all about snails. Do you have any snails livings living in your garden? Where is the best place to find them? Do you have any non-fiction books about minibeasts? Use the contents page at the front or the index page at the back of the book to find out about snails.
Did you know that snails don't just live on the land but live in freshwater and the sea too. Click on the link below to label the parts of the snail. 
Here is a reading comprehension all about snails (the stars at the bottom of the sheet are an indicator of the level of difficulty, the more stars, the higher level of challenge).