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This week our learning is based on the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French. You may have this book at home but if you haven't don't worry, just click on the link below to listen to the story. 

Monday-Read/listen to the story 'Oliver's Vegetables. 


Can you put the story pictures in the correct order? Use your story board or our story map below to re-tell the story.

Tuesday-Make a diary to show all the fruit and vegetables you eat in one day or throughout the week. Use your phonics to have a go at writing the words and draw pictures to go with them.
Wednesday-Play a game of 'Oliver's Vegetables' Bingo. 
Thursday-Quiz Time


Can answer 20 questions all about the story.


If you get stuck have a look back at the story to help you out.


  1. How did Oliver and Mum get to Grandpa’s house?
  2. What did Oliver think was the best thing about Grandpa’s house?
  3. Oliver said that he only liked one type of food, what was it?
  4. Grandpa told Oliver that if he wanted to have chips he’d have to find something first. What did Oliver need to find?
  5. What did Oliver find on Monday?
  6. Which vegetable had ‘crinkly leaves’?
  7. Why did Oliver think that potatoes must have big leaves?
  8. Which vegetable were the slugs and snails on?
  9. On Friday, Oliver found something that he thought was potatoes but he was wrong. What had he found?
  10. On Saturday, what vegetable did Oliver get his food ball tangled in?
  11. Which vegetable did Oliver eat in a salad?
  12. Which vegetable did Oliver eat as a soup?
  13. When Oliver found the potatoes, what did he want to do with them?
  14. To make the chips, Oliver scrubbed the potatoes and Gran peeled them. What did Grandpa do?
  15. What did Mum hope that Oliver would do whilst staying with his grandparents?
  16. Why did Gran, Grandpa and Oliver laugh?
  17. What pet did Gran and Grandpa have?
  18. Which vegetable do you think that Oliver preferred most? Why?
  19. Which vegetable would be your favourite? Why?
  20. What would you grow in your garden? Why?

Friday-Create a fruit and or vegetable face just like the artist Arcimboldo. You could cut and stick pictures of fruit and vegetables or use what is the fruit bowl or in the fridge.

Find out more about the artist by clicking on the artists palette below.

Please remember to post photos of your creations on Tapestry and we will share them on our class page next week.