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Monday - Share the Easter Story. You may have the Easter Story at home or in a children's bible. If you haven't, click on the link below to listen hear about how we get ready for Easter and to listen the special bible story. After listening to the story cut out the pictures and stick them in the correct order on sheet *.

Tuesday - Can you re-tell the Easter Story using props or the stick puppets below?
Wednesday - Can you make an Easter Garden? This can be made in a tray or it could be made in the garden. 
Thursday - Follow the instructions to make these yummy Easter nests. Before you start, cut out the pictures and put the them in the correct order.
Friday - Today we would like you to make an Easter card for someone special. Use the crafting materials you have at home to decorate your card. Don't forget to include a special Easter message and to write your name using the correct formation. Click on the link below for some Easter resources you could use to make your card.