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Our Maths this week.
Our Maths for this week focuses on the book 'Peace at Last' by Gill Murphy. This is a children's classic so you may have the book at home if you don't please don't worry click on the below to listen to the story being read.
Shapes with 4 Sides Stick Activity

Children can use the cards and sticks (lolly sticks, matchsticks or straws) to copy and create stick shapes that have 4 sides.


The stick shapes will encourage children to explore squares and rectangles and explore how these shapes can be different sizes and can be made up of other shapes.


They will encourage children to begin to ask questions such as, "What shape do I have if I place two squares together?" or "Can I make a square from two triangles?" Children will also begin to talk about the properties that make a shape a square or rectangle.


This lovely activity could also encourage children to deepen their understanding and think about other shapes with 4 sides that they could make.