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If you choose to complete "Miss Crace's worksheet today (Tuesday) I have added a link to the document. I will also link it below.
In school, we would usually use physical base 10. This website will show you some base 10 that you can use.
To use this I would:
Make the number e.g. 342
I would then delete the necessary amounts using the delete button.
You could also move them out of the way if you find this easier. REMEMBER, you always start by subtracting the ones.



In school, we would usually use base 10 or place value counters to help with this concept.
For example: 344-127
First, make 344.
Next, start by subtracting the ones.
4-7 you cannot do, we would then swap one of the "tens" counters for ten "ones".
The subtraction can then continue.
I have attached the link below.

Below, are some useful resources that might help to work out the answers to the questions and problems.