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This week we're going to continue our learning on multiplication and division fact. This week we're focusing on the 7x table and the 9x table. 

In these lessons it might be helpful for you to use counters. I don't really have counters at home so I've been hunting for some alternatives - I've come up with buttons, dried pasta and some beads. 


If you want to use counters to help you with the work sheets but you don't have any at home, ask your adult to have a look at the website link below where there are lots of alternative suggestions for you to use instead. 


Times table posters both posters are on the second page of the document

Each week I set four tasks in order to give you time to catch up if you need it. I don't want anyone to feel overwhelmed by having too much to do. However, if you would like a bit more work for the fifth day have a look at some of the work sheets on the next tab. They recap some of the skills we've covered in the last term.