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Times tables

We're still working on those 6 times tables. Hopefully by now you're starting to remember them and recognise some of the patterns! Have a go at one or more of the activities below. 


Bean bag (or whatever squishy item is available) toss

Using chalk or paper, write the 6 times table and lay it out on the floor. This can be done outside... if it stops raining or inside if you have a nice space. 

Throw the bean bag at the numbers and say how many 6s make it! You can try to do this in order first or do it randomly if you're feeling brave!


This can also be done with the numbers one to twelve. Throw your bean bag at the number and say what that number is multiplied by 6. 


Times table flowers

Have a go at making a 6 times table version of this gorgeous flower! Put 6 in the middle and then make sure each petal shows a 6 times table calculation. 


Times table sheets

White Rose

This week our White Rose maths is a bit of revision of money and times tables, which is brilliant because Class 3 is superb at learning about both! 

Follow the link below to the White Rose film clips to support each lesson. If you're unsure about any of it, please email. I'm happy to help over email. 

Lesson 1 - Recapping converting pounds into pence



I've just been informed that the answers for this task are incorrect! I'm sorry about that. I'll quickly write up the answers now so that you have them! 


Best wishes, 


Miss Burge


EDIT: I've put the answers on below! 

Lesson 2 - Recapping adding money

Lesson 3 - Recapping subtracting money

If your child is very confident on the above four tasks and you want to extend their learning, use the resources below. You do not have to do these sheets I just wanted to give you some extra sheets if you have a keen mathematician at home who is getting a little bored.