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Fluent in Five

Below is a PDF with daily maths questions to help keep up your maths fluency skills. Each day there are four questions. Look out for the symbols that ask you try specific methods when answering - You might be asked to use a written method or you might be asked to try a mental method (when you do it in your head). Think of these questions like the Joe Wicks exercise for your brain! Enjoy the work out!


Times tables

How quickly can you recall the 6 times table out of order? Have a go at some of these activities below.



If you have a pack of cards at home, pull out a 6 and put it on a pile on it's own. Then go through the rest of the pack and multiply the value of the card you draw by 6. Assign the value of your choice to the Jack, Queen and King card. You could make it tough and make the value higher or you could revise one of the 6x time table values you find tricky... I always find the 7s a bit harder. 

If you want you could turn it into a competition with someone else in your house! Perhaps it could be like snap and the first person to say the answer gets the card. Or you could do it that one of you is the red cards and the other is the black card - when a number of that colour is turned you have to call out the answer! If you get it right, you get to keep the card. 


Water fight

Get your chalk out again and write the numbers in the 6 times table on a fence, wall or an outside floor. If you have some kind of water gun, grab that and fill it up! 

Now you can either play this with someone else - they call out the times table question, you answer it and if you get it right you get to shoot the number with some water! If you want to play alone, you can write the times tables questions on some paper, fold it up and put it in a bowl. Then pick out the slips of paper like a lucky dip. When you have the answer - shoot the number! 


Basket ball times tables

Are you a fan of basket ball? Do you have a hoop at home? If you do, have a go at this game. Write the numbers of the times table on the floor with chalk - spread it out. If you don't have any chalk you could write it on some paper and hold the paper down with some stones. 

Write times tables calculations on some pieces of paper and pull them out of a hat (or you could get a member of your family to help you practice by calling out questions). When you work out the answer, run to that number on the floor and stand there to take your shot at the hoop! If you get it in you win the number of points the number your standing on is when divided by 6! 


Times tables sheets

If you fancy something a bit more sedate, have a go at these times table sheets. 

White Rose - Week 4

This week we're revising using formal methods for multiplication and division. Remember to watch the film clip and then have a go at the questions on the work sheets.  

Lesson 1 - Multiply and divide by 4 and 8

Lesson 2 - Multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number

Lesson 3 - Divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number

Lesson 4 - Multiplication and division problem solving