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Fluent in five

Below is a PDF with daily maths questions to help keep up your maths fluency skills. Each day there are four questions. Look out for the symbols that ask you try specific methods when answering. 

Times tables

Remember if you didn't try some of the timestable activities from the past four weeks, you can always have a go at them this week. The main aim is for you to have fun and feel confident with multiplying and dividing by 6. 


Board game

Have a go at making your own board game! Can you put times table questions somewhere on the board. When your player lands on them they can have a go at the question. If they get it right they go forward two spaces or if they get it wrong they have to go back two spaces. If you want to change the rules to match your game it's up to you! If you have a go at making a board game, make sure you take a picture to share with the rest of the class!



Use a dice from a board game at home (or have a go at making your own using the link below). Roll the dice and multiply the answer by six. If you get the answer right you get a point.

If you fancy a challenge, roll two dice. If the two numbers you roll can combine together to make a multiple of 6 then you get a point! 



If you don't have skittles at home don't worry! You could use soft toys or empty plastic drink bottles. Anything that stands up but might topple over if it gets knocked by a rolling ball. 

Stack your 'skittles' up like the ones you find in a bowling alley. Roll you ball and then count how many skittles you knock over. Multiply that number by six! 

If you fancy a challenge, label the skittles with the multiples from the 6x table. When you knock the pin over say how many 6s go into that multiple. 


Times tables sheets

Week 5 White Rose

This week White Rose are revising some of the learning we did at the very beginning of learning from home! Some of the lessons are the same but some are a little different. If you've been super efficient and have already done this lesson, there's a link on the White Rose website to an alternative lesson, email me if you want the worksheets for the alternative lessons.

Or if you would prefer, focus on the quick recall of the six times table. 


If you're unsure about any of the content in these lessons, please let me know. I'm happy to put together a new tutorial for you.