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Fluent in five

Below is a PDF with daily maths questions to help keep up your maths fluency skills. Each day there are four questions. Look out for the symbols that ask you try specific methods when answering. 


This week, instead of focusing on a timetable I want you to focus on time! A big part of Maths in year 3 is knowing how to read an analogue clock. By the end of year 3 we need to be able to read a clock and recognise 'quarter to' and 'quarter past' the hour. We also need to be able read a clock with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute.


Use some of these activities to help learn how to read a clock:


White Rose

This week we're revising some learning from year 2 on fractions and decimals. Have a look at the film clips to help with each lesson. If you need any help, get your adult to email me. I'm happy to break down tasks for you and explain things in different ways. 

Lesson 2 - Fractions on a numberline

Lesson 3 - Fractions as a set of objects

Lesson 4 - Fractions as a set of objects