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Miss Burge updates


Happy June everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful half term. 

I'm going to be sending out the invites to our Zoom session this week. Remember, we're going to be playing Bingo! When I send out you're invite, I'll attach your Bingo sheet!


There were some hard working spelling bees before half term. The top scorers in our championship are:

Position Name Points
1st Finnegan 7,816,624
2nd Connolly 4,178,584
3rd Dylan 2,182,416 
4th Ollie 1,497,936
5th Amelia 1,433,766


On TT rockstars Year 4 are fighting back, Mrs Everest challenged them to beat us! She found out that we kept winning... The score was:

Year 4: 1,806

Year 3: 965

There's another battle set for this week so let's try to beat them! Year 3 for the win! 

Our top scorers last week Felix Twig, Rookie Limestone and Finlay Wozniak! It was lovely to see three new names at the top of list (Jeffrey, Archie and Ashton in disguise)! Well done you super stars!


Have a great week, enjoy the sunshine and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom! 


Miss Burge




Good morning! What a beautiful day it is today. I woke up this morning extra early because I had a special maths training session (through Zoom) arranged by Mrs Hopes. It was fun doing some maths again - I could feel my brain stretching, it was lovely and made me smile. What's made you smile this morning? 


This week is Mental Health awareness week so I'm going to set you a challenge to look after yourself and the people around you:

Let me know if you have a go at any of these things. If you try today's challenge make sure you get the help of an adult or make someone in your family a cold drink. 


Last week when I was in school I was very lucky to join the year 5 Zoom session. They had a really fun quiz in there session so I'm going to magpie this idea! For our Zoom sessions this week we're going to have a fun quiz all about this week's reading comprehension on the Romans. I've uploaded this to the website but I'll also email it out when I send you your Zoom group. 


Lots of you worked hard at spelling Bee last week. Our Spelling Champions are:

Position Name Points
1st Finnegan 8,410,968
2nd Ollie T 5,599,376
3rd Dylan 4,421,008
4th Sonny 3,908,520
5th Taylor-James 3,807,816


On TT rockstars we have had some superb players, however I need to send out a special marshmallow clap for Megan. Mrs Hopes has created a whole school league where they total up your points and compare with other children. So out of the whole school Megan came second with 3,301 points! WOW! This is just 13 points away from the top player. 



In the TT rockstar battle of the bands we won again!

Year 3: 6,288

Year 4: 2,809


Our top players were Otis Bumbly, Sam Adler and Bryan Rox. Well done guys!



Good morning Class 3,


What a gorgeous weekend! The weather was beautiful and it seemed like everyone was having a great big party on Friday. Did you do anything fun with your family? It was so lovely seeing lots of your faces last week. Hopefully we'll have a new date for a meet up soon! I'll keep your adults updated.


There are some new learning tasks this week. I'm quite excited about our reading project using the new myON system. I hope you get on okay with it but if there's any trouble, make sure you let me know. We're the first class to use it so we may have to help iron out some new wrinkles. 


Another brilliant week on Spelling Shed, you're certainly busybees and there are lots of new names on the leader board! 

Position Name Points
1st Taylor-James 13,411,944
2nd Amelia  12,182,360
3rd Connolly 7,275,544
4th Ethan 3,694,156
5th Ella 2,519,598

Well done everyone! I'm impressed with all your hard work. 


Now to TTRockstars... WE WON AGAIN! That's the third time in a row. You guitar heroes are brilliant. The score was:

Year 3: 3,478

Year 4: 2,340


Our top scorers were Frank Phoenix, Grace Robbins and Felix Twig. Brilliant effort guys.

Also, in the whole school league for TTRockstars, Jeffrey came 6th place in the top ten! Well done him. 


Keep up the hard work guys,


Miss Burge


Good morning Class 3, 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It's so nice to see the sunshine again today (although I enjoyed the chilly weekend as it was a nice excuse to watch films and read books instead of doing some gardening!).


I've updated the website with some new learning tasks. The tabs seem to grow each week! Don't feel pressured to do more work then you are happy with - I just want to give you lots of fun stuff to choose from. The VE day work this week is particularly lovely! Have you got some nice plans for the bank holiday on Friday? We're also starting a new topic in Science this week. I'm quite excited to learn more about how bodies work - including about all the different bones! 


Your adults should have had an email from Mrs Taylor this week about a Zoom chat. As soon as we're all sorted, I'll email out to let you know when we're going to meet. I'm hoping to read a bit of a new book and also to hear from you all! My email will give you a bit more information. I promise I won't keep you waiting long though. 


We've had another successful Spelling Shed week. The top scorers are:

Position Name Points
1st Finnegan 11,858,098
2nd Connolly 5,525,976
3rd Jessica 1,107,286
4th Amelia 447,352
5th Ethan 379,946

Super effort guys! I'm very impressed with all your hard work. 


Now for TT rockstars. Guess what? We only went and won the tournament again! The score was:

Year 3: 3,148 

Year 4: 2,901

Our top scorers were: Felix Twig, Rhett Depiro and Otis Bumbly! Well done guys. It was great to see some new rock stars playing this week! 


I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to hearing all about your learning! Keep up the hard work but also do lots of things that make you happy! 


Best wishes, 


Miss Burge



Hello Class 3, 


I hope you've had a lovely week. Did any of you see the satellites outside? I think I saw two going over my house! It was rather exciting. It's so lovely being able to see lots of stars at the moment. 


You may have already seen this week's work updates. If you have any questions, please ask (or get your grown ups to ask) I'm here to help! When you finish your work, try to save it in a folder so you can bring it in to show me when we get back to school. I'd love to see your hard work! I'd also love to see photos of what you've been up to. I'm going to start saving photos in a new slide show each week. Hopefully I can add a few captions so you can all tell what you're looking at. 


You have been absolute super stars on Spelling Shed this week! Our top scorers are:

Position Name Point
1st Finnegan 30,188,904
2nd Connolly 23,417,464 
3rd Jessica 4,188,888
4th  Ethan 2,341,692
5th Ollie 2,186,890

Well done your brilliant bees! I'm very impressed with all your hard work. 


Last week's battle of the band... WAS WON BY YEAR 3! YAAAAAAAY!

I was so impressed I had to do a little celebration dance. Now it's your turn! You super stars. The score was:

Year 3: 3,725

Year 4: 3,458

Our top scorers were Grace Robbins, Dee Hendrix and Carlon Pope! Well down you rock stars! 


Last week 13 year 3 children took part in the competition, let's see if we can get a few more children next week. That will bump up our score even further! Good luck band. 


I hope you all have a brilliant week and enjoy learning about fractions, frogs and the Romans in Britain! Keep in touch. 


Best wishes, 


Miss Burge


Hello Class 3, I hope you had a wonderful Easter break. I spent mine reading in the garden and going on some lovely long walks... there may have been a bit of chocolate as well! 

I hope you're ready and raring to go for your home learning routines. I've uploaded this week's work to the website. There's some fun stuff to do and I can't wait to hear how you're all getting on. If you find any of it a bit tricky and you want some help, make sure you email. 


Mrs Everest started a new year 3/4 tournament. I'm afraid year four won the last battle as well! The score was: 

Year 3: 1006

Year 4: 1553

Our top scorers were: Grace Robbins and Danny Depiro!


I've set up a new league on Spelling Shed. I'll let you know the winners of that next Monday! 


Have a brilliant week,

Miss Burge



Happy Easter holiday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. The sunshine was gorgeous, I spotted Mrs Morley walking while I was out weeding my front garden. It was lovely to see her face, even from two meters away. Have you been busy doing lots of fun stuff?


It's so lovely to see all your pictures coming in. I'm uploading them to the website now so you can have a peek at what your friends have been up to. It's lovely to see so many of you reading, I was inspired and started a new book yesterday! 


Well done all of you who have been busy spelling bees! Our top three on the leader board are currently:

1st Connolly and Sonny in joint first place

2nd Finnegan

3rd Andrew


Brilliant effort to everyone who had a go at the Spelling Bee games this week though! I'll let you know when I set a new challenge after the Easter break.


Unfortunately Year 4 beat us at the TT rockstars battle of the bands. The score was 1,366 to 2,378 to them. I've set up another battle this week so you can keep your times tables sharp over the holiday. Let's see if we can beat them this time! Our top scorer this time was Grace Robbins followed by Rhey Deprio - well done you two! 


You may have seen the Easter challenge I sent home to all the classes. Hopefully the weather will get better so you guys can have a go at this, I'd love to see your attempts. If you fancy something a bit different, I've found a fun Lego activity for you to have a go at, I know how much you all enjoy Lego! 



Hope this keeps you busy over the Easter beak! I'll be back next week with another update! Keep sending out those pictures and have a good rest, you all deserve it. 


Best wishes, 


Miss Burge







Hello everyone, 

I hope you enjoyed your first week of working from home! I've seen some brilliant photos from some children. If I get any more and your parents give permission, I'll upload them to our class page so you can all see what your friends have been up to. 


Have you been trying the Joe Wicks work outs? They're a bit tricky but pretty fun, I particularly liked the Spider Man move (although my legs hurt the next day...). 


I've added some great resources from White Rose Maths. You may have already had a go at some of the week one activities on Fractions. These are new to year 3 but you started learning about fractions last year with Miss Crace. I hope you enjoy them, however if you need help and your adults aren't sure get them to send me an email. 


There are also new Spelling Shed games on the website. This week the rule looks at the 'l' sound spelled with an 'le' at the end of the word. I'll announce at the end of the week who won the most points! Keep an eye out for that and have a go. Remember there are also still TT rockstar battles! We're up against year 4 this week. 


Enjoy the rest of your day! 


Keep safe, 

Miss Burge