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The lesson today focuses on the "inverse operation" which means the opposite.
So, if the question was 7+3=10, the opposite would have to be a subtraction sentence. This would then be 10-7=3, because subtraction always starts with the biggest number. 

The challenges are all on the same document. I have uploaded it as a word document and a PDF. The idea is to cut and stick but if it is easier, this can be written. 

The children do not have to complete more than 1 challenge but if they want to give another a little go, of course that is fine! :)

Inverse Operation Challenges - Challenge 1, 2 and 3 are all on the same document.

Well done to the children who completed this and pointed out that 110-100=10. (Challenge 1)
You are super at Maths, thank you :).