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WALT write our own Lost and Found story

The whole story does not need to be completed today. You can revisit this throughout the week if you like. You could complete a paragraph today or complete some today and some Friday. However you choose to complete this is ok. 

Paragraphs to use:
Introduction - Start your story, introduce the your main character and set the scene.
Build up - Explain what your character steals and how they do it. 

Problem - Explain the problem.
Resolution - How does the problem get fixed?

End - How does your story end? Is it a happy or sad ending? 

Things to remember:
Adjectives - Use lots of describing words
Noun phrases - Lots of beautiful, blinding lights
Speech - "I am hungry." Said Bob. 
Alliteration - Angry ants

Challenge 1 - Fill in the blanks to help write your own Lost and Found story.

Challenge 2 - Use the headings and prompts to help you write your own Lost and Found story.
Challenge 3 - Write your own Lost and found story.

Remember to use all of the work you have completed so far and remember your beautiful handwriting. 

There is extra lined paper if you need it.