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What should a letter include?


Your activity today is based around writing a letter.
Pretend you are Duncan and pick a crayon to write a letter back to. Try to think about how Duncan could resolve the problem and get his crayons to come back! 
Don't forget to think about the crayon's opinions, for example: I am sorry you are upset blue crayon because you are short and stubby.

Use these questions to help and give you some starting points. 
Questions to help:
Why is the crayon upset?

What would Duncan say to make the crayon come back?

How would he solve the problem?

Would he say sorry?


Reply letter to your chosen crayon - activity

I have included two templates.

One is for completely independent writing and the other has some prompts if you are finding it a little tricky and are unsure what to write. 
What would Miss Crace like to see?
- Features of letters (Dear..., paragraphs where needed (sections), the date of the letter, your message, from...)
- Super punctuated sentences (full stops, capital letters, commas, question marks, exclamation marks - you might not have all of these but these are some examples). 
- Adjectives (describing words).
- Conjunctions (connecting words, e.g. and, but, so, because, which)
- Sequence adverbs where needed (next, then, firstly, secondly and so on.)
- Super neat handwriting, I am looking to give out star certificates for children who are trying hard to join! 
Tomorrow, I will be asking if anybody would like to read out their reply letters. We will not be able to read them all out so I will try and find time in the next lesson to get through as many as we can :).