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Hot task - Writing your own story

Today, you are going to write your own conflict and resolution story.


Use everything you have learnt over the last couple of weeks to help. Don't forget to follow each section of your story plan but add more detail. Each section of the story should be a new paragraph.

Explaining the worksheet:
Page 1 - Introduction and build up: Your character finds a letter or stack of letters and the story is explained. Don't forget to describe your character with some super adjectives. 
Page 2 (the letter) - The problem, here you will write your letter from the object or person that has quit.
Page 3 - Resolution and ending: How does the problem get solved? 

In the gaps, illustrate (draw) some lovely pictures. You are all super at drawing! 

You do not have to fill all the lines with writing. Also, if you need more paper feel feel to add another page. 
Over the week, I will give you the opportunity to read some of your story out, if you would like to.