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Mrs Green and Mrs Hopes updates



Another week has passed! We are still missing you all very much but hope you are all keeping well! Both Mrs Hopes and I have really enjoyed the zoom calls with you and Thursday is fast becoming our favourite day of the week :). Chatting to you lovely lot and clap for carers all in one day! Have you been joining in with the clap on your streets? Where Mrs Green lives there are often fire works and people bang pots and pans. It's quite moving!


On Zoom the quiz questions you all asked were brilliant and show you've really been engaging with and thinking about all the learning we have been doing. You could start thinking about your new questions and any news from this week you'd like to share in our next session. (Times will be the same and invites will be sent out soon, but you may be on call 1 at 11am or call 2 at 12:30. We mix you all up so you get to see a range of people!)


Week 5 home learning is now up and running. Year 5 were top of the school leader board on spelling shed yet again. Well done all of you :)!

Here are the results for the week 5 league. Well done to everyone that has been taking part in these.


Picture 1



Happy Sunday year 5'! We hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather and are all keeping safe at home with your families. Thank you to all of you that were able to join us on our zoom call on Thursday! We'll let you know when the next call is but it was wonderful to see all your happy faces! You have been very busy with all your learning, exercise and lots and lots of baking! It was quite funny to hear each of you describe the many things you had been doing and then end each long list with 'not much really'.


Week 4 learning is now ready for you to get started with and we hope you enjoy recapping area and equivalent fractions. It's important to keep these skills practised and we also hope you enjoy your persuasive letter writing.


Did you know year 5 was the top spelling group last week? We beat the whole school! Well done!


Here are the results from last week's challenge:




Picture 1


Dear year 5,

May has arrived! We hope everyone is doing okay and still enjoying time with their families. We know it is hard not seeing all of our family and friends, and we are proud of you for protecting the NHS and keeping to social distancing rules. Remember it is not forever, and you are doing amazingly.


Mrs Hopes and I have really enjoyed seeing all the hard work you have been doing at home. Some of you may have heard that soon we will be doing a class video call. Details of when this will be will be available soon, and we look forward to saying hello to all of you and hearing a bit about how you are getting on. Remember that you will need to have a grown up sitting with you for this call and perhaps start thinking of a piece of news or something you'd like to share when it is your turn to say hello (if you would rather not speak and would rather just wave don't worry this is fine too!). 


Keep up the good work year 5 and remember, if you need any help with your learning, Mrs Hopes and I are available via email. We will reply as soon as we can to help and also keep sharing pictures with us as it really makes us smile :).


Mrs Green and Mrs Hopes

Here are the results from the whole of April

Here are the results from the whole of April 1
Here are the results from the whole of April 2

Here are the results from our Summer 1 week 2 challenge. Week 3 will be up and running tomorrow (04/05/20)

Here are the results from our Summer 1 week 2 challenge. Week 3 will be up and running tomorrow (04/05/20) 1

Here are the results from the week 1 challenge!

Here are the results from the week 1 challenge! 1

24/04/20 Congratulations to this week's spelling shed assignment top 10 players!

24/04/20 Congratulations to this week's spelling shed assignment top 10 players! 1


Here are instructions for how to access the spelling shed assignment for this week



Hi Everybody!

We hope you are doing well and enjoying the continuing good weather! Tonight is clap for carers! I wonder if you are all looking forward to it as much as we are (although some of you may be in bed I suppose!). It's wonderful seeing everybody supporting our brave NHS workers!


Below is the spelling shed top 10 scores for April! A big well done to all of you who made the top ten! Can we see a shake up for May?

This table is your total spelling shed score
1 Joseph 18,873,744
2 Isabella 10,017,780
3 Myles 5,492,666
4 Amelia D 5,491,268
5 Zac 3,676,292
6 Iris 2,696,930
7 Theo 2,338,300
8 Ale 2,010,242
9 Jessica H 1,471,226
10 Indiana 1,337,036


This table is based on your earnings


1 Joseph  1104
2 Amelia D 871
3 Iris  699
4 Zac 530
5 Ale 397
6 Theo  367
7 Indiana 325
8 Mackenzie 260
9 Jessica H 197
10 Emmi 167
Don't forget if you have any photos or work you'd like to share with everybody on the class page to send it in to Mrs Hopes and I.  
Keep safe everybody!  
Mrs Hopes and Mrs Green  


Easter homework



Hello everybody! I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying time with your families! The weather is beautiful and on our daily walks I have noticed many rainbows appearing in windows in our local areas which really makes me smile. Do you have a rainbow in your window?


We have added some more content to the class page including different subjects for you to be working through at your own pace. Please don't feel pressure to complete everything quickly. We know some people will want lots to be doing and some families will be very busy so will complete less. 


We have also added a class photos page, so if you have any photos of your home learning or home activities (maybe you have been taking part in Jo Wickes PE lessons each day?) that you would like to be included, please ask an adult to send them to Mrs Hopes or Mrs Green. Make sure you have permission from your grown up to do this!