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Sunday 29th November 2020


Morning everyone. I hope you are all well and that you had a lovely St Katherine's Day and extended weekend. Below is an outline of work for the next three days and then I will see you back in class Thursday (and I will be in Friday this week too).

Again, a huge well done for everything you have achieved at home so far - keep it going for just three more days! Mrs Quaglia, Mrs Jesty and myself will arrange one more Zoom session on  Tuesday 11.00 for you all to join for another chapter of our book - details will be emailed on Monday.

There is also an online advent service available for you to watch throughout December. The service will be available through the link on our class page under the RE button.



Maths will focus on:

  • Prime Numbers
  • Squares and Cubes
  • Mental calculations and estimates

There will be a video link for each subject plus a worksheet and answers. Don't forget to do a Fluent in Five or a Rapid Reasoning session if you still have one you haven't done. Keep  that TTRockstars going and I have added a November Daily Maths Challenge sheet - perhaps you can challenge yourselves to complete as many as you can - get your families to help if you like.


English will be to complete the next assignment set on which is Expanded Noun Phrases

(I have a record of who has completed the previous pieces of work so if you still have one to do, please complete before returning to school on Thursday - at the moment only 16 of you have completed last week's which was Terminology Year 5 (A), I will be naming names on Thursday laugh).

There is also a new Spelling Shed Challenge and please do at least one more of the 'Letters from the Lighthouse' tasks. I have also added a 'Contractions' activity and a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Activity Mat (like the ones we have done in school). Finally, for English, I have added a piece of reading comprehension work. It is called 'Christmas Around the World' (well, it is December on Tuesday!). There are three texts with three sets of questions but you only need to choose one as they are differentiated - they get harder, so choose the first one if you want an easier one, the second is medium and the last one is more challenging.

I will update the Spelling Shed leaderboard so have a look where Class 6 finished at the end of the week and where you are on it!

Finally, in the FOUNDATION SUBJECT area, I have added a lesson on Rationing in WWII (under History). Watch the PowerPoint and make a mind map, complete the questions and activities on the worksheet and then maybe design a poster about rationing of food or the Make Do and Mend campaign. Bring your work into school on Thursday.

Hope that all makes sense, email me if it doesn't or with any other questions, queries or updates.

Have a good week and see you all soon.

Best wishes and stay safe and well.

Mrs Jennings smiley



Evening everyone. I hope you have all had a good day. I have now heard from 18 of you in the last week which is fabulous and you have sent me some great photos, pieces of work and codes! Well done - do not feel you have to send pictures or work at all - just a quick update of what you have been doing is fine. I am  very happy for the children to email me directly too.

Mrs Quaglia and I are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow on the Zoom calls. We are going to read 'When in doubt, lights out'. We will do some discussion and comprehension on the chapter as we read - have a pencil and paper ready! 

Have a great evening and well done again for all your hard work. Parents and carers: you are doing a great job and your children are doing us proud. Keep going everyone and keep checking out the class webpage for different things to do - there is lots there. We have crept into 3rd place in Spelling Shed but about 14 of you haven't played this week yet so come on! Well done if you have done your assignment - you have until Friday.

Have a lovely evening and stay safe and well.

Mrs Jennings laugh





Morning everyone, I really hope you are getting into the swing of the home learning now. Please continue to email me about how you and your children are doing or to ask any questions about the work that has been set - no question is a silly one!


Just to let you know Miss Crace has forwarded some 'PE at Home' ideas which I have added to the Class 6 page plus Mrs Hargis has put some fabulous Design and Technology home learning ideas on the school website too. To find these log in and go KEY INFORMATION, then CURRICULUM, then CURRICULUM CONTENT then click on the DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY YELLOW STAR and there you will see a D&T HOME LEARNING STAR. There looks to be some exciting little projects to get your teeth into - let me know which ones you have a go at.


Thanks Miss Crace and Mrs Hargis smiley


Don't forget to do the task on, complete the assignment on Spelling Shed (we need to move up the leader board!) and play on TTRockstars - it's all great learning!

Have a great day and stay safe and well.

Mrs Jennings laugh



Morning everyone - HAPPY MONDAY!


I hope you all had a good weekend and that you managed to complete some of the work I have set, on Thursday and Friday.


I would really love to hear from more of you this week. As Mrs Taylor has told you, all teachers will be emailing families they have not heard from, just to make sure you are well and offer any support we can with learning and general well-being. 


The class webpage has this week's maths clearly laid out under the date (w/b 23-11-20) There is some quick arithmetic to start you off each morning, then factors and multiples this week - there are links to teaching videos, worksheets and answers. There is also an arithmetic paper to complete - just as we do on a Monday. We are up to number 4 now - take half an hour and let me know how you get on. The answers are there for you to check your work (honestly)! laugh Don't forget TTROCKSTARS too.


Please complete a task from the 'LETTERS FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE' work. Remember that these are tasks that should take about 30 minutes each and be of the best quality possible. There is also more work set on SPELLING SHED and 


Please remember to look under the HISTORY, RE and SCIENCE buttons on the webpage too.


I will also email you today (MONDAY) with details of a Zoom session this week so we can read more of our book together.


Take care and stay safe and please keep in touch.

Best wishes 

Mrs Jennings



Morning Class 6, parents and carers,


I am very sorry we are not in class today and that we won't be back in school until Thursday 3rd December, it is such a shame but completely understandable in the current circumstances. I just want to reassure you that I am available via email between 8.30 and 4.30pm Monday to Thursday. If necessary, please contact Mrs Jesty on a Friday using her school email address: 

Please access work through the CLASS 6 webpage. There are video links to all the maths lessons taught this academic year and those we are teaching currently (short and long division this week and next week), plus worksheets that can be downloaded and completed or worked from the screen onto paper. I will upload answer sheets today too. There are FLUENT IN 5 and RAPID REASONING maths too.

For English, there is a range of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling activities, Spelling Shed, (which I will continue to set) and I will add some alternative tasks linked with our class reader 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. Please don ot rush these activities, they are designed to last the full two weeks. Mrs Quaglia and I will set up some Zoom sessions to continue reading the book to the children as they all seem to be enjoying it. I will send out details on Monday 23rd November.

You will also see some History, Science and RE on the web page plus several other  general activities that the children can access.

Please encourage your child to read, complete quizzes on Accelerated Reader and access Myon - links on the class 6 webpage. There is also TTRockstars so there is plenty to keep them busy.

Very best wishes to you all and stay safe and well - see you on the other side!

Mrs Jennings