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Update numebr 5!


Morning all!

It's Friday! You are nearly there - you've almost completed Week 1! Well done everyone yes


As it's Friday, a little bit of arithmetic, times tabling, spelling and reading! Maybe you could do a bit of fun RE just for Mrs Jesty - I'll have a look and see what I can find and pop it on the webpage later.


My friend made me laugh earlier, she sent me a picture of her fridge with a big label on it that says FRIDAY! She's going to change it every day just to remind her what day it is. It's a bit like that isn't it? All the days seem to blend into the same one! What about making bright and colourful labels for the days of the week, each in a different language and pop them up somewhere to remind your lovely families what day of the week it is - you'll have to google them and then translate each day! Send me pictures.


I've managed to set some work for you on SPELLING SHED - CHALLENGE 1 WORDS. If you get on and do it, I'll be able to log on and see (like If you don't have your password for any reason, email me and I'll refresh you!


Make sure you get outside as many times as possible today (even if it is just in the garden). I've just done my run and I'll be having my coffee in the garden too. I've put your photos up on the class 6 web page - they are fab! Let me know if I have missed any. I am looking at them everyday and it's like looking at you lot. I need more to add to my rogues' gallery!


I had emails yesterday from Tilly, Jack, George and Maggie. Jack has been extremely busy with work sessions, family reading on the trampoline, dog walking and cup-cake making? Maggie has been busy researching a Blue Poison Dart Frog, doing some spellings and some DIY with her Dad building her a desk! Tilly has been very busy dividing fractions, doing Joe Wicks' workout, her rainforest project, writing a narrative and making a set of Rainforest Top Trumps. She has even been teaching her Mum the difference between active and passive sentences!


Have a wonderful day and I'm giving you all the weekend off! (Except for reading as I know how much you love your books)!


Take care all of you and keep in touch.

Mrs Jennings smiley



Update number 4!


Morning chaps!

Happy Thursday - hope everyone is doing well and feeling positive today. The sun is still shining and you are continuing to send me fabulous emails, photos and messages of all that you are up to, thank you.


Yesterday I heard all about the maths, gps, reading comprehensions and spellings that have been going on. I had photos of you reading with your dog (or maybe to your dog!), working on your laptops and computers, showing me your fabulous Lego creations, researching Blue Poison Dart Frogs, doing maths lying on the trampoline in the sunshine and even a video of one of you mowing the lawn - fabulous job Mason! You wrote me some amazing letters, sent me some superb rainforest posters and I received an update on a cress experiments and super photos as evidence. 


I know there must be tricky times during the day for all of you but for every negative there is a positive, we just have to find it. Maggie is Face Timing her nanny like I am sure a lot of you are with relatives you can't see at the moment, I've had lovely stories of you enjoying time with your brothers and sisters and helping each other with different projects and pieces of work, learning new skills, enjoying your reading and just enjoying being with your families (even if it is laughing at your mum and dad exercising with Joe Wicks and being more puffed out than you)!


Miss Crace put some PE on the class 6 webpage yesterday so see if you can access some of those activities in the next few days and continue to do all you can. I would like to put some of the photos you and your parents have sent me onto the page too - hope that's OK. Let me know parents if any of you do not agree and if I don't hear anything, I will put them on later. I know that not all the children have a phone or tablet so this is one way we can all keep in touch.


Keep trying hard, just do your best and remember playing board games, talking together, doing quizzes,

cooking, being outside, colouring and reading are all allowed!


Best wishes to everyone - keep in touch! I love hearing from you.

Mrs Jennings smiley


Update number 3!


Morning everyone!

Hope everyone is feeling good on Day 3 of our Home learning Adventure! The sun is shining and I hope you have all got some things planned for outside in the garden. I've just been for a run - did Joe Wicks yesterday with the children in school and I hear many of you have been joining in with Joe too. Many of the teachers have been doing his sessions with him!

I have so enjoyed reading all your emails and I am blown away by all the things you have been doing - let me share just some of them with you all to inspire you further!

You have been sending me photos of maths in the garden (George Wa); Covid 19 news reports (Fin) and home/office set ups at the Whellams! You have been writing letters, doing spelling activities, maths, arithmetic,,, growing your cress, keeping diaries, reading your books and carrying out some research on favourite topics - Aaron's doing nature (love to hear more from others). You have been practising your football skills in the garden, trampolining, bike riding, making crystals in Science and drawing parrot pictures! There's even been a little bit of day-dreaming but that's allowed! wink


I'm going to add a few more things onto the class web page today so do have a look.

I know you are all missing each other but I am sure you are finding ways of keeping in touch in the virtual world. Keep in touch with all your news via my email and I will do my best to answer all of them. If you need more work, please let me know or if you have any questions. 

Missing you all but I am always at the end of an email - remember that! 

Take care of each other and get out in the garden - this weather is beautiful!

PS - I also particularly love the fact that George Watson's mum has been teaching him some life skills - he can now operate a washing machine and that is impressive young man! A mum's dream!

Very best wishes to you and all your families. See you tomorrow!

Mrs Jennings smiley




Update number 2!


Morning everyone!

The sun is shining and it's Monday morning! Hope things are going well so far- don't forget you can email me with news of what you have been up to - lovely to recieve some messages already this morning telling me you have made a start on some of the work I sent home - well done guys (parents too!) - what a fabulous start - proud of you!

I hope you have managed to get out in the garden for break  and it's coming up to lunchtime already. I'm set up at home working too, sharing the dining room table with my eldest son! We both have our ear phones in and I'm trying not to disturb him too much!

I'm just about to update the site with a couple more pieces of work and I will update the Spag. leaderboard and put it up on the page later today.

Have a good day and do your best and I'll be back with the next update on Wednesday. Don't forget you and your parents can use my email if you need anything - I am already missing all your questions!

Take care of each other,

Mrs Jennings smiley




Hi parents/carers and children,

Update number 1!


I will try my best to add a new message every school day onto our Class 6 page. Please check the page on the website as regularly as you can to use the content that has been uploaded but also to see new content added on a regular basis.


Teachers' school email addresses will be made available to you through Parent Email and we will be contactable for help with school-based issues during school hours. I am happy to answer questions, give advice (if I can) or just listen!


I will talk to the children tomorrow about a suggested timetable for activities while they are being home-schooled. Why not make that their first activity - to design a timetable with all the fun staff in there as well.

It is important that a balance of 'work/creative/active/fun/relaxing' activities (and frequent breaks) are included in your daily routines. Time outside or with family members is very important. The children should have school reading books with them, their reading diaries, their work packs and homework books (Maths, GPS and Reading). They can obviously also read their own books. There are lots of suggestions for web based activities on the class page and also some fun and creative suggestions.


My best advice is to try and work in small blocks of time, perhaps 20-30 minutes, vary the activities, get the children to teach you (!), mark and assess together - try and use a reward system of some sort and maybe start gradually on Monday - two or three activities on the first day (most children work best in the morning too)!


These are difficult times to say the least and I am so sorry that I don't get to spend the next few weeks with your children. They are a fabulous bunch who have worked so hard and made so much progress and I am very hopeful that we will be back together soon, preparing for transition and the end of their time at St Katherine's with all the usual exciting stuff!

Good luck and stay safe and well and remember I will always be available on the end of an email!

Very best wishes,

Mrs Jennings