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Notes from Mrs Brown

Week beginning 18.1.21


Hello everyone, 

I hope you had a good week last week. I loved teaching online lessons and I'm looking forward to another week of them. It was so lovely to see some of your faces and to get to teach again! I hope you're all getting on okay with your home learning, please let me know if you need any help. 


You've been working hard this week, it's been great seeing what you've been up to. Have you read our class poem?! It's awesome and a little bit spooky. I can also see you've been working hard on Spelling shed too. Two people in particular have amazing scores! Well done TJ and Ollie, I feel like you might be trying to compete against each other? Your scores were super close! 

Let's have a look at the scores from last week:

Position Name Points
1st Ollie T 6,156,620
2nd Taylor-James 6,149,808
3rd Dylan 1,986,128
4th Andrew 1,240,438
5th Levi 820,998


Last week we were in a battle with year 3 and they beat us! We lost 101 to 80! Let's see if we can do better this week. This week's competition has started already but we're losing by 1 point! Get on there and beat year 3!


Our top players this week were:

Place Name Coins earned
1st Andrew 11,200
2nd Jorgie 7,260
3rd Ollie E 4,260
4th Lilly 2,025
5th  Dylan 1,359


Well done you rock stars! 


Have a good week and keep up all the hard work! 


Best wishes,


Mrs Brown

Week beginning 11.1.21


Good morning Class 4,


What a lovely start to the week it was for me when I got to see some of your smiling faces on our class zoom lesson! I had a lovely English lesson today although I was a little bit nervous. I'm looking forward to the maths lesson later. 


I hope you're all settling into learning at home. Remember, if you need any help you are more than welcome to email me through your adults. I'm always happy to adapt your learning activities or give you a bit of help with something you're finding difficult. 


You've all been super busy learning at home this week. I've seen some great pictures of activities you've been up to and I've uploaded them to our website. If you would like to send over pictures of any of the work you've been up to, please do so!


Spelling shed champions. Lots of you have worked super hard this week our class league points are rocketing. This week's top three players are:

Position Name Points
1st Amelia 4,153,280
2nd Andrew 2,239,098
3rd Ethan 2,112,030


You're also working hard at your timestables. The top players last week were Ollie T, Archie and Andrew. Well done everyone!  

This week Mrs Hopes has set up a battle with year 3! Let' try to beat them with our times tables skills! 


Have a great week everyone, looking forward to seeing you for our daily lessons. 


Take care,

Mrs Brown