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Notes from Mrs Brown

Week beginning 8.2.21

I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday - I think I was too excited by all the snow! Thank you to everyone who has shared their snow pictures, it has been wonderful seeing you all having fun outside. I've posted the pictures to the photo page on our website. I'm yet to see a hot chocolate though, so I'll like to challenge you to make the most delicious looking hot chocolate that you can! I need inspiration for what to do to mine laugh!


I've also seen some lovely art work from you all this week. Mrs Taylor wants to see your art work for the great bit art exhibition. Have a look at last week's news letter and the website for more information. If you want to take part, send me photos of your art work and I'll forward them on! 


Last week was another superb week of learning, I've seen some wonderful pictures of baking and working hard. I've also had some fantastic stories through as well and it really has been a delight to read them all. 


You worked super hard on Spelling Shed last week. Our top spellers were:


Position Name Points
1st Henry 3,848,226 pts
2nd Ollie T 3,389,930 pts
3rd Dylan 2,192,632 pts
4th Taylor-James 1,290,080 pts
5th Amelia 1,107,650 pts


You were also super stars with your times tables. These are definitely helping you with your divisions in our Maths lessons. Last week we battled against year 3 and won! The score was 193:150. Well done everyone.  The next competition is already running, let's see if we can beat them again! At the moment they're in the lead by 30 points. 


Position Name Points
1st Joshua 22,792
2nd Alex
3rd Andrew 6,703
4th Jorgie 4,320
5th Ollie E 3,150


I hope you have a brilliant week this week and have a lovely time enjoying the snow - even if it's just looking at it while staying inside wrapped up in a cosy blanket. At the end of this week it's half term! You have all been amazing this half term so I hope you have a very well deserved rest. 


Best wishes,


Mrs Brown


Week beginning 1.2.21


I love today's date! It's a palindrome, which means it reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Can you think of any words that are palindromes? We thought of two names in this morning's lesson (Anna and Eve). Did you have a lovely weekend? I was excited to do the bird count but I think all the rain scared my birds away! I hope you had more luck.  


I loved seeing all your photos of DnT last week. I'll make sure to upload some of your photos soon as I haven't done that in a while. How was the rest of your learning? Thank you to everyone who sent me an update of what you did last week. I know that the maths was a bit of a challenge last week. Don't worry if it's still a bit tricky. We're going to spend some more time recapping this when we get back to school. 


This week's learning will see us doing more DnT and learning a little bit more about Hindu gods and goddesses. We're also going to move on to division with maths and finish off our stories in English, which is very exciting. I can't wait to read them all! It's also Children's mental health week. If you look on the PSHE button on the website, you'll see a task which encourages you to think about what you can do to help yourself to feel better. Mrs Taylor has also uploaded some work to the web site under 'It's okay' have a look at the posters and then have a go at creating your own poster. 


You were super stars with Spelling shed and TT rockstars last week. We even had someone in our class in the top five players on TT rockstars in the whole school: Ollie T! Well done Ollie, you super star. 


Let's have a look at our own top players in both. We'll star with TT rockstars:

Position Player Points
1st Ollie T 9,026,898
2nd Sonny 7,211,008
3rd Dylan 4,910,512
4th Emma 2,046,878
5th Amelia 1,284,690


You were superstars on TT rockstars. Sadly year 3 beat us this week. They scored 122 to our 98. It was a good show though and we had some brilliant participants:


Position Stage name Name Points scored
1st Dee Hendrix Ollie T 8,390
2nd Bryan Rox Taylor-James 3,660
3rd Danny DiPiro Alex 3,481
4th Candice Carter Jorgie 2,539
5th Buddy Young Sonny 2,530


Well done for another brilliant week!

Best wishes,


Mrs Brown


Week beginning 25.1.21


Hello everyone,


I hope you had a good weekend, did you see the snow on Saturday? It was very exciting even if it didn't last long. 


It's been another week of hard work for you all. I love all the work I've been sent, if you haven't already got your grown ups to email me with what you've been up, please send it over soon. I love to see all your learning. I've started giving out challenges to people as feedback as well saying what I love about your work. Keep an eye out for your own personal challenges!


You've been working hard on Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars as well. Let's have a look at your scores from last week:


Position Name Points
1st Sonny 6,265,888
2nd Ollie T 3,784,232
3rd Amelia 1,854,636
4th Andrew 1,164,350
5th Dylan 1,010,200


Well done to all of our top spellers.


Last week we were in another battle of the bands with year 3. We won, 196:161! Well done everyone! Good luck with next week's battle. 


Our top players were:

Place Name Points
1st Ethan 11,134
2nd Ollie T 7,503
3rd Jeffrey 6,989
4th Taylor-James 5,650
5th Jessica 5,396


Have a wonderful week everyone. I can't wait to see everyone in our Zoom lessons.


Best wishes,

Mrs Brown

Week beginning 18.1.21


Hello everyone, 

I hope you had a good week last week. I loved teaching online lessons and I'm looking forward to another week of them. It was so lovely to see some of your faces and to get to teach again! I hope you're all getting on okay with your home learning, please let me know if you need any help. 


You've been working hard this week, it's been great seeing what you've been up to. Have you read our class poem?! It's awesome and a little bit spooky. I can also see you've been working hard on Spelling shed too. Two people in particular have amazing scores! Well done TJ and Ollie, I feel like you might be trying to compete against each other? Your scores were super close! 

Let's have a look at the scores from last week:

Position Name Points
1st Ollie T 6,156,620
2nd Taylor-James 6,149,808
3rd Dylan 1,986,128
4th Andrew 1,240,438
5th Levi 820,998


Last week we were in a battle with year 3 and they beat us! We lost 101 to 80! Let's see if we can do better this week. This week's competition has started already but we're losing by 1 point! Get on there and beat year 3!


Our top players this week were:

Place Name Coins earned
1st Andrew 11,200
2nd Jorgie 7,260
3rd Ollie E 4,260
4th Lilly 2,025
5th  Dylan 1,359


Well done you rock stars! 


Have a good week and keep up all the hard work! 


Best wishes,


Mrs Brown

Week beginning 11.1.21


Good morning Class 4,


What a lovely start to the week it was for me when I got to see some of your smiling faces on our class zoom lesson! I had a lovely English lesson today although I was a little bit nervous. I'm looking forward to the maths lesson later. 


I hope you're all settling into learning at home. Remember, if you need any help you are more than welcome to email me through your adults. I'm always happy to adapt your learning activities or give you a bit of help with something you're finding difficult. 


You've all been super busy learning at home this week. I've seen some great pictures of activities you've been up to and I've uploaded them to our website. If you would like to send over pictures of any of the work you've been up to, please do so!


Spelling shed champions. Lots of you have worked super hard this week our class league points are rocketing. This week's top three players are:

Position Name Points
1st Amelia 4,153,280
2nd Andrew 2,239,098
3rd Ethan 2,112,030


You're also working hard at your timestables. The top players last week were Ollie T, Archie and Andrew. Well done everyone!  

This week Mrs Hopes has set up a battle with year 3! Let' try to beat them with our times tables skills! 


Have a great week everyone, looking forward to seeing you for our daily lessons. 


Take care,

Mrs Brown