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Pencil Control/Fine Motor/Scissor Skills

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From early childhood right through to adulthood we love to play with puzzles.  We like the way puzzles challenge our thinking and improve our concentration. Puzzles are also a good way to exercise your fingers, improving our fine motor skills as we work. 


Like us you probably have lots of different types of puzzles at home. What is your favourite? Is it a puzzle with your favourite character on it? or Is it a puzzle with lots of pieces? A floor puzzle is always fun too.


Can you complete a puzzle at home? If it was easy to do do, can you find a more difficult one? 


More Puzzles


Take a look at the different puzzles you can do at home.

Puzzle Challenge


Who can complete this weeks puzzle challenge? Ask an adult to cut out the puzzle pieces on the first page then see if you can make the animals. It is tricky so take your time!

Online Jigsaw Games


On CBeebies there are lots of lovely puzzles based on CBeebies characters. They are ideal for using on a tablet and they come in three different levels easy, medium and hard. They are a big hit with us at home. I have chosen two below however there are lots more on the CBeebies website.