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Pencil Control/Letter Formation

Last week we introduced the sounds m, d, g. Below are the letter formation sheets. You could practise writing your sounds using chalks in the garden, in shaving foam, on large sheets of paper and in the air using you 'magic pencils'.

The large (A4) alphabet letters below are very useful for printing and practising letter formation. Print s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g and use these to practise writing these letters in the correct way.


For children who are in the early stages of mark making/writing go big and use large sheets of paper on the floor. We are continuously looking at ways to develop the muscles needed for a good firm pencil grip. A nice idea is to tape felt tips with the nib facing downwards to cars. Place a large sheet of paper of roll of wallpaper on the floor and encourage your child to push the cars up and down to make marks. 

At this stage please concentrate on the lowercase letters and please make sure the adults at home model writing using lowercase letters. However I have included the uppercase letters below for name writing e.g. a capital letter at the beginning of a name.