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Speed Sounds Set 3

This week we are going to continue our work on split digraphs with a focus on 'u-e' huge brute.
Phonics Bloom
We all know how much you love playing a game so click on the link below to find a variety of games to practise your phonics.
Letter Names

Don't forget to continue learning the letter names of the alphabet. We thought this was a catchy video to learn the letter names.

Reading at Home

Please take a few minutes everyday to listen to your child read. It is important to encourage them to use their phonic knowledge to decode words and practice reading a variety of tricky words. Please click on the link below to enjoy reading different fiction and non-fiction books linked to your child's phonic ability.   


  • Help your child to identify the main events in a story and to enact stories through their imaginary play. 
  • Draw story maps to support your child orally retelling familiar stories.   
  • Use non-fiction texts to help your child further develop their understanding of world around them.