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This week we would like you to introduce the sounds o, c, k, ck. We refer to ck together as  'friendly letters' that means two letters make one sound.


Please remember to keep going over the previously taught sounds. You will know where your child is at so please focus on the sounds they do not know.

Below is a video to show how we teach Set 1 sounds during our phonics sessions.
This week we would like you to practise 'Fred Talking' (sound blending) words which have all of our previously taught sounds in. Please remember that some children will have started doing this and others will not be ready just yet. If this is the case, adult please model this and encourage your child to join in when they are ready. This can be a very slow and sometimes challenging process but try and be patient and your child will join in naturally when they are confident with their sounds and hearing them.
Words to 'Fred Talk'
at, it, on, an, sit, sat, pat, pin, sip, mat, map, dog, gap, din, nap, tap, tin, got, pot, cap, kip, cat, sock etc. 
If your child knows their sounds so far on sight, in and out of order and is beginning to sound blends words, take a look at the sheets below.
You can also use the onscreen green words to practise 'Fred Talking' too.