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This week we would like you to introduce the sounds e, u, r. 


Please remember to keep going over the previously taught sounds. You will know where your child is at so please focus on the sounds they do not know.

Captions to read


I am hot

I can run

I can hop

I can stop

I am big

Words to 'Fred Talk'
Tricky Words


This week we would like your child to start learning the Phase 2 Tricky Words.


This week's words are: 






Tricky words are words which cannot be sounded out. The only way these words can be read and spelt correctly is by learning them on-sight in and out of context. This means plenty of practise!



Phoneme Frames

How do phoneme frames help children to understand phonemes?


In order to understand phonemes, we ask the children to split up words into sounds using a phoneme frame.

phoneme frame separates a word into columns to match the number of sounds that can be heard in it.


Often children are aware that there is a first and last letter to a word as naturally, that is what you hear first. Therefore, using a phoneme frame is very beneficial to help them identify that middle sound, as they can see clearly from the frame, how many sounds they are listening out for and how many letters they need to write.