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This new PSHE unit is all about 'Money, money, money!'

The PSHE unit is all about how we can take care of our wonderful world and it's called: Yes! It’s our world, our wonderful world!



In session 5, we will decode the word DEFORESTATION to identify the meaning and look at what impact this has on animals. We will also try to understand how human activity is major factor in deforestation and plan, prepare and conduct a speech.

In session 4, we will look at biodiversity and ecosystems. We will learn what biodiversity means and what makes up an ecosystem. We will also learn that these places are under threat and carry out a speaking and listening task with parents and carers about what they can do to help.

In session 3, we will learn about the causes and effects of climate change and all about greenhouse gases. You will even have a chance to carry out an experiment to see these effects for yourself.
In session 2, we will learn how to 'reduce, reuse and recycle', exploring how landfill works and making a product from recycling household items.
In session 1 we will learn all about water, where it comes from and specifically at the water cycle.  We will then learn the three main uses for water and how to save or reduce water in the household.
Mrs Taylor's Part of the Puzzle Challenge (see newsletter dated 22-1-21)