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This week, we are moving on slightly from the story of Joseph but staying in the same place of the world. We are going to be thinking about the story of Exodus.

This week we think about years after Joseph. The Hebrews (the ancestors of the Jews) began to grow in numbers and more and more of them were moving to Egypt, just like Joseph's brothers did. The Egyptians were not happy about this and became really cross! Pharaoh (the leader of Egypt) decided to make all of the Hebrew people slaves. The slaves had to work so hard and had to do all of the horrible jobs. 

The Book of Exodus - Part 1

The first part of Exodus recounts how Abraham's family ends up enslaved in Egypt.

Activity 1 - Around the bubble, think about what jobs the Hebrew people might have been made to do as a slave. Also, think about what it would have been like and how they would have felt.
Activity 2 - Create a poster on behalf of the Hebrew people.
- Identify what the Hebrew people want and the changes they want in the world.
- For example, for slavery to stop.