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Week 1:

This week we will be focusing on the meaning of the story of The Good Samaritan.

What do you already know about the story?

Take a look at the Power Point, then complete the sequencing activity.

Why do you think the characters felt as they did?

Why did they act as they did? 

What message have you learnt from the story?

How can we apply the message of the Good Samaritan to our everyday lives?

Week 2: We have often read the story of The  Good Samaritan in school. If you have a book of Bible stories at home, read it again with an adult, or watch one of the stories for children on You Tube (ask an adult).

This time we will be thinking more deeply about why the Good Samaritan acted as he did and what we can learn from the story about how we should live our lives.

Watch the You Tube clip:   The Good Samaritan (Lego Builders). 

This clip doesn't have any talking in it, so it really makes you think about how the characters are feeling and why they chose their actions.

See if you can answer the following questions: 


How do you think the traveller felt when he was attacked?

Why did the Priest and the Levite ignore him?

How did that make the traveller feel?

Why did the Samaritan stop?

How do you think the traveller felt when the Samaritan helped him?

Did the Samaritan help the traveller for a reward?

Why do you think that?

How do you think the Samaritan felt when he helped the traveller?

How can we live our lives like the Good Samaritan?